We specialize in and focus on corporate finance services in the following areas:

Debt advisory

Companies that need additional leverage to grow or want to refinance at more beneficial terms and conditions, can rely on us. Without a need to give up equity or ownership, debt will allow you to facilitate your business strategy at optimal cost. River Corporate Finance will help you to find the best debt structure, to find and put together suitable financiers, and to negotiate the terms and documentation; whether it involves a straight loan, a consortium loan, a bond listed on an exchange.

Growth equity

[River Corporate Finance] is the right partner to advise you on equity instruments and potential partnerships. We understand the importance of equity in growing your business and the risks and potential of good partnerships. Equity, other than debt, often involves the acceptance of outside influence; and this requires careful consideration. We will support you with determining the appropriate capital structure and investor profile, and will apply our international network to locate the investors needed. In some cases, a public listing of shares could be part of the solution.  

M&A sell-side

The sale of a company is a multifaceted exercise. Most sellers have expectations and requirements regarding the continuation of the company (employees, name, legacy, future involvement) that need to be carefully analyzed and defined. Preparing a company for being sold is an important process that sometimes takes time, as optimal financial performance, management, governance and administration all need to be secured. And finding the right group of potential buyers (private, strategic, financial or private equity) and guiding the negotiation and due diligence process is crucial. [River Corporate Finance] has hands-on experience with all of these factors.

M&A buy-side

The same holds for advisory services on the buy side. Obviously, the above factors are relevant for the acquiring party as well. Some other elements come into play as well, though. Most buyers want to have different options, and can be assisted by us through conducting an acquisition search. And when a target has been identified, a process of 'discovery' starts; whereby analyzing and understanding the financial history and the key success factors of the target is a starting point, followed by structuring, negotiation and in-depth due diligence. We are there to help you.

Business valuation

As part of the above advisory fields, or as a stand-alone service, River Corporate Finance can provide business valuations for owners or potential buyers of companies or assets. Based on many years of carrying out such valuations, and if necessary relying on third-party industry experts, we can come up with a valuation range using one or more internationally recognized valuation methods, suitable for the sector in focus.


As part of the above advisory fields, or a s a stand-alone service, River Corporate Finance can advise on the structuring of a business or transaction, or on the restructuring of a business. The basis for such advice will always be a thorough strategic analysis of the situation at hand and a thorough review of the existing legal, financial and governance structure. Our clients can decided to start with a (re-)structuring advisory process, before engaging in more time consuming and costly M&A and debt- or equity raising efforts.